Firma Institucional

To promote bioethical knowledge through the information services of the library, by using information and communication technologies, addressed to users of various health and education sectors, as well as the general population, as a tool to promote bioethics culture in the country.

To be the sole virtual information center in the world where bioethical information is concentrated, so it can contribute to bioethical knowledge widespread through feedback from its users.

The objective of the Library is to promote and disseminate bioethical knowledge through information services and to manage the bioethical knowledge.


The library services are designed to meet the information needs of health professionals (doctors, government employees, researchers and authorities), students, teachers, members of the State Bioethics Commission, and for anyone who is interested in the acquisition of bioethics culture, through the access to general or specific and carefully selected information.

Library services

The offered services are the basic ones that any modern library offers.

  1. Reading room book-loan
  2. Home book-loan
  3. Inter-library book-loan
  4. Access to the databases, such as EBSCOHost (American Search Premier, Academic source and MEDLINE).
  5. Legislative Alert DATALEX and retrieval of documents published in the Official Journal of the Federation and in the Official Gazette of Mexico City.
  6. Implementation of the Search and Retrieval Workshop of bioethics and health sciences information.
  7. Guidance in the search for information in different formats, either in-house or external resources collection.
  8. On-line service during the entire year.

The Library has the following content collections:

  1. Specialized books on bioethics and health sciences.
  2. Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlas).
  3. Periodical publications (journals on bioethics and health sciences).
  4. Historical archives and memories of the institution (CONBIOÉTICA Gazette, Bioethical Debate Magazine, Institution Bulletins).
  5. Technical documents (Guidelines for the integration and operation of Research Ethics Committees and Hospital Bioethics Committees).

Library Open hours Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.

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